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Our Philosophy

Connexion consultants believe that to be effective we must draw on the existing strengths and expertise within the agencies with whom we work. We know that we must listen to our clients, value their vision and tailor our services to meet their needs. We are aware that the recommendations and teaching we impart must be agency sensitive, accessible and readily implementable. Above all we know that we must respect our clients’ commitment to best practice and reflect this in the service we offer.

Our Training Process



Child Protection


Many legislative and policy developments have occurred in recent years regarding safeguarding the young people with whom we work and care for. This course will examine those developments from a practice perspective and focus on the implementation of policy regarding safeguarding and child protection.

This course will also allow participants to review existing child protection policies and practices within their organisation and if necessary a template for internal policy development can be provided. This course can be given over a number of days or the following modules can be commissioned individually:

  • Safe Care (1 Day)

This module will examine the processes and procedures necessary to make the environment safer for young people. Areas covered on this module include: creating a culture of openness, systems which promote a safer environment, internal and external monitoring and reflective practice.

  • A Rights Based Approach to Working with Young People (1 Day)

The violation of young people’s rights in the past has been widely publicised. There have been many developments in this area in recent years. This module examines the legal obligations placed on organisations as a result of recent Irish and international legislative and policy developments in the area of young people’s rights. It explores the practical implications for organisations with a particular emphasis on balancing rights and responsibilities.

  • Consulting Young People (1 Day)

Consultation with young people is a statutory responsibility. However, providing meaningful consultation with young people that surpasses ‘tokenism’ can be a challenge.

With a view to improving outcomes and ease of communication, this module will examine current theory and practice in consulting young people. It offers practical guidance and approaches that will enable participants to develop strategies for meaningful consultation through which the unique perspectives of young people are heard.

  • Managing Complaints Effectively (1 Day)

Safeguarding young people’s rights and in particular, their right to complain or express dissatisfaction is a key function in child protection practice. The management of complaints can be particularly complex within an organisation and in particular in the light of current legislative obligations. This module examines the multi-element purpose of a complaints system and provides practical skills in developing an effective complaints policy within your organisation.

  • Practical Solutions to Bullying (2 Days)

Research has shown that bullying is an ongoing problem for young people and for those caring for them. It can result in feelings of humiliation, low self-esteem, fear, frustration and anger in young people. While most people are aware of the existence of bullying, the behaviour associated with it can often be difficult to manage.

This module will increase awareness of the nature, origins and effects of bullying and addresses the management of bullying between young people. Practical solutions and techniques are explored as well as the policy and procedures necessary to create a safer environment.

Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI)

Consultancy Services

In addition to the above, Connexion offer the following services to organisations in order to assist with the effective implementation and use of the TCI system:

  • Practice Review
  • Policy Development and Implementation
  • Establishment of Monitoring and Recording Systems
  • External Monitoring
  • Trainer Coaching and Mentoring